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What is Facial Aesthetics?

The natural aging process, your lifestyle and environmental damage all contribute to unwanted features like appearance of tiredness, extra lines and wrinkles and more. Your image is important for many reasons, but especially for self confidence. Our professionals use only the most advanced and updated technologies to provide facial aesthetics. Facial aesthetics is about creating a more youthful look, a sign of vibrant health and balance.

Auker Eye Institute provides various products that provide this youthful look including Botox, Restalyne, Latisse and Eye Lid Surgery. Contact us for a cosmetic evaluation here.


BOTOX® was first developed by an ophthalmologist nearly three decades ago and has been safely used for medical purposes for many years by ophthalmologists treating crossed eyes as well as uncontrolled spasms of the eyelids and face. While treating these medical conditions, Dr. Auker and others noted the added beneficial cosmetic effects resulting from relaxation of the muscles around the eyes and face.

BOTOX® is an increasingly popular application of this remarkable medication. In experienced hands, BOTOX® is a safe, predictable technique to soften and eliminate wrinkles and creases of areas of the face without blunting important facial movements or the positive range of human expression.

Botulinum toxin is produced by the bacteria Clostridia Botulinum. BOTOX® is a highly purified medicine containing miniscule amounts of this protein produced by these bacteria under precisely controlled laboratory conditions. BOTOX® is not alive but is a protein that weakens and inactivates muscles for several months.

Botox can be used for frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead furrows, for lips and lower face.


®Collagen, as well as other natural or artificial dermal fillers, is commonly used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the skin. When our skin’s natural amounts of collagen begin to break down, the skin becomes thinner, more brittle and the loss of fat deposits causes creases and wrinkles. With dermal filler injections, those areas of weakened collagen or fat deposits can be restored, returning a healthy smoothness to the skin.

For ophthalmologists, this is particularly important for areas around the eyes, in which a loss of collagen can cause a “sunken-in” look. Dermal filler injections can be a safe, effective way for eyes to look younger and healthier, and the procedure requires little recovery time


If you want thicker, longer eyelashes, then Latisse® may be for you! Latisse® treats eyelash hypotrichosis, a condition of abnormal eyelash growth. The first and only FDA-approved topical prescription solution, simply apply Latisse® to your lashline at night as part of your daily routine, and within weeks you will begin to see results.

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